Nature Activities & Lesson Plans

Many of our children have become disconnected from nature at a time when understanding the natural world is most important. Beyond the classroom, the following nature-based lesson plans are designed for field study that will engage the curiousity of budding naturalists and adults alike. I hope you will enjoy connecting with your children in new and meaningful ways. I welcome your feedback and love to hear from students about their experiences in the natural world. Feel free to post your comments on the TeachGreen website and/or email me photos of your nature journals and fun nature adventures at I will post them on the Teach Green website.

Happy exploring! I can’t wait to hear from you.


Build a Bee Hotel – A National Geographic Education Resource

Bees are important pollinators for crops and wildflowers. Build a Bee Hotel and help our pollinators find a cosy nesting place. An easy and fun family project!

How to Make a Zine – The Oregonian – YouTube

Join the Zine craze! The following video is a fun way to learn how to make these clever little miniature books. Tell a story with a single piece of printer paper. Great to build writing and reading skills. Fun for adults too!

lesson plans

Observing and Recording Habitats -A National Geographic Education Resource

Students select a habitat,observe it, and record their observations. Great biology lesson for Grades 3, 4 & 5!

Creating an Illustrated Nature Journal – Teach Green Blog

Whether writing for scientific purposes or personal satisfaction, what better way to convey your personal experiences in the natural world to others? This lesson plan uses our local Metroparks as inspiration for journaling. However, it can be adapted to your area with minimal adaptations.

10 Creative Writing Prompts to Boost Your Nature Journaling Skills -Teach Green Blog

Experiment with different forms of writing to find your true voice. Pick a writing prompt you like and make it your own.

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