Cleveland: The Forest City

The City of Cleveland has had many nicknames over the years. Whether they were used as a hallmark, a trademark, a landmark, or a blemish on its reputation, they each defined an important point in the city’s history and its continual quest for reinvention. Former labels have included, “The New American City”, “The Rock ‘N’ … Continue reading Cleveland: The Forest City

Hope for a Greener America

In his inaugural address, President Obama made the environment a top priority for his second term. Many were surprised by his resolve. However I wondered…was this truly a shift in government policy, or was something else at work here?As I began to look for answers, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many eco-friendly programs … Continue reading Hope for a Greener America

We Cannot Allow Newtown to Become Anytown

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, how can we expect to create innovative new learning environments for our students and prepare them to be meaningful contributors to the 21st century when they are locked in their schools with armed guards standing watch at the doors? How can this possibly … Continue reading We Cannot Allow Newtown to Become Anytown

Superstorm Sandy: Climate Change is No “Surprise”

Not to be ignored, Mother Nature preempted election coverage last week when Superstorm Sandy churned through the Caribbean and up the East Coast of the United States. High winds, rain and unprecedented storm surges wreaked havoc on one of the most populated areas of the country, wiping out entire communities in some places and causing … Continue reading Superstorm Sandy: Climate Change is No “Surprise”